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  Hello fellas ! After a few days I’m not visiting in my WordPress , it’s getting dusty here . But if you happened to have some spare time or got nothing to do, or want to publish your works in somewhere else instead of your own blog , well , here’s your chance . 


If you followed my Blogger progress , you can see that the slot of ‘Sundae Sunday’ is a place for other writers to shine and be part of my blog as well . Here’s last week’s ”Sundae Sunday” . 

So , for those who interested , please email me at kafzieltherookie@yahoo.com along with your preferred pen name , email to contact you , and your article . 

What? Don’t know what kind of topic that you can write ? You can write about everything and anything (except involving religion , politics and other sensitive issues ) . 

Submit your article before Saturday , I’ll proofread and publish it by Sunday . 

Number of words? Hmmm.. I would say that’s up to you , but I’m afraid I’ll be getting like a 2 or 3 words with the URL of the writer’s blog . Unacceptable . Around 200 words sound good to me . 

No payment , sorry . Honestly , I didn’t have budget to hire writer , so this is a opportunity for new writers to take part and gain more experience in dealing with your client. Language – No foul language please , and only English allowed . Either British or American , still your choice to made . 

Every submission only valid for each week , which means your article will be published for only Sunday of that week . In short :  Guest Writer Of The Week 😀 

Thanks for your support and have a great day . 

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