How to be Charismatic ?



I usually don’t talk much when it comes to inspirational or motivational changes . I’m not a physiologist or a mental specialist . Not even motivational speaker . But people that know me well – they think I am . I don’t really know for sure , but what I do know is to change when I felt necessary to change .

1. Spend more time with your family .

There’s a big rationale on why I said this . Family is everything to us , even when you least expected , they’ll help you out . Blood is thicker than water . So , if you want to be a great and charismatic person , it comes from your very home .

2.  Try to talk and think more .

There’s not big of a deal if you a bit hot tempered person , or someone that took action more than thinking it further . Charismatic comes from your bravery to speak up and your actions really set people’s impression . If you want to do it , think what may it be affect you and your loved ones .

3. Discipline is a key of success .

Quite handful of successful persons already hits their own glory . One of the key to become just like them is discipline . On what ? Maybe on your daily routine . Or perhaps your lifestyle ? Or on how you may look? Just try to be disciplined on things that matter around you – but not too much though . Discipline is NOT an excuse for violence .

4. How do I look ?

First impression is a very big ‘rights’ to everyone . You may say , “you can’t judge me by the way I looked” when your appearance is not pleasing enough . Still , not everyone can accept that kind of thought . Crowd will judge you , ignoring the old philosophy that are really hard to made it true . Do some styling that fits you just perfect . No OVERDO , and LESS DO.

5. How’s your heart doing?

I’m not talking about your heart , I’m straightly asked you about your soul . Your sympathize , empathy and your understanding too . Women usually comes in all packages of this feature (some is still very much devilish) , while the men , hard on the front but soft on inside . Without empathy , IQ is fairly unimportant in making decision.

6 .Leadership

One thing that divided mankind to two categories : leader and followers . That’s why leadership is very rare to find these days. If you watched all the sci-fi, movies nowadays , hero / heroin really had some guts and leadership . As much as all the fiction fans really wished one of the stories were true , it can be possible if you made the strength in the hero/heroin’s characters as your primary profile .

Maybe it’s not much , but I’m pretty sure that you’ll get another difference tips on self-motivation posts elsewhere .

By the way , have you seen Alan Becker’s stick man animation?

More like FlashDeck’s, but this one is “terribly” fantastic .


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Tribute To Old School Style !


From Mr.Wiggles , my favourite break-dancer !


My favourite clip of him–1st track : George Talkbox , 2nd track: Egyptian Lover
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How Teddy Bear Exist

If you asked people nowadays , they’ll say it is a stuffed bear animal that is cute , small, light – making a greatest company for kids. They also one of the cutest gifts that suitable in any occasion (of course not in the  funeral). But what people don’t know , is what’s behind the creation of the fluffy bear toy .

It started when the former U.S president , Theodore Roosevelt (whose nicknamed “Teddy”) went for an bear hunting invitation from Mississippi Governor, Andrew H. Longino . Most of the hunters already killed an animal, excluding Roosevelt himself . So , one of the Roosevelt’s attendant tied up an American Black Bear for Roosevelt to kill . 

Yet , Roosevelt refused to kill it and instead let them killed the bear. Therefore , it became a hit sensation , with the ‘help’ of Clifford Berryman . Initially , it had comically drew a tied black bear and a disgusted face of Roosevelt . Then , Berryman started drew it a bit smaller than the initial ones .

In coincidence , Morris Michtom , a famous toy maker to create a little stuffed bear . Roosevelt already given the permission to use his name to the new toy . Meanwhile in Germany , Richard Steiff was unaware of Michtom’s bear , already exhibited the stuffed bear in Leipzig Toy Fair .

A buyer from New York, Hermann Berg went to the fair and became interested with the stuffed bear . He ordered 3000 to be sent to America . No records of the bears ever landed on the soil of America , due to the story of the ship carrying the bears were shipwrecked .

The bear sensation already making their way into ‘stardom’ in malls . Its more popular among the kids . In early days, they were all made to look alike with bears , now almost every stuffed bear had larger eyes , babyish character which very attractive to the buyers out there .

Nonetheless , teddy bear is one hell of a SO CUTE doll !

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Confession of Humanity – Poem

Silly, silly me

For hoping none that real

For thinking something that never can be

This is not a love story from you and me

It’s about humanity that decreased


Trees fall apart in a midst of the green

Fishes float above the sea

Birds flew downwards ,with no sound nor flaps to glide

Blue sky went cloudy gray haze

Is this my world ?


What if tomorrow never come?

What if no one there to care anymore?

Could we be like the Moon , shone brightly in the sky

but cheated by the beauty when we reached the surface

Could we be like Mars, the red planet

dusty and daring red

no water , no air

and no blue sky up above


Wait and see

Sit back and relax

Enjoy the moment

While everything goes missing

Each and every day


Till Earth never exist

No one will ever know

How Earth used to be


No need waiting for apocalypse

It’s already started

by: KafzielTheRookie

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Silent Hill film–Fact or Fictional ?

Silent Hill : Revelation is another sequel from Silent Hill that had been released in 2006 . This horror movie received many feedbacks , mostly about the storyline . Honestly , I felt that there’s a few adjustment to made if you want adapt the video game into a movie .

Yet , I’m not the director AND not a fan of this game (sooner or later, I will though ) . Things I love about this movie, the monsters – very unique and marvelous creations . They have certain ‘advantages’ , that make them ‘a commercial value’ .

But our main topic here is not how I reviewed this movie- we’ll get plenty of them – but how much truth behind this movie ?

From what that I’ve saw in the movie , is the location is quite horrific . Well, of course there’s no place with exact physical scenery like the movie , but the ‘Silent Hill’ inspiration may come from a small town called Centralia. It was abandoned and considered as ghost town for the Pennsylvania authorities already revoked the ZIP code for Centralia .

Why Centralia ? A peace town , with tragic history. The coal mine in the place was burned and the fire had burned in a very long time . Evacuations already been proceeded but a few ‘stubborn’ folks wants to stay there .

This was a world where no human could live, hotter than the planet Mercury, its atmosphere as poisonous as Saturn’s. At the heart of the fire, temperatures easily exceeded 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lethal clouds of carbon monoxide and other gases swirled through the rock chambers.[2] — David DeKok, Unseen Danger: A Tragedy of People, Government, and the Centralia Mine Fire (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1986)

Today , the fire had moved and the air quality is as good as Lancaster County . Now that’s how the background that ‘Silent Hill’ tried to present . While the name ‘Silent Hill’ really ticks people to their nearest cinemas , I hoped that the sequel will be as good as the first one .

full movie of Silent Hill 1 – not mine –

Got no time to stream ?

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Never-Ending Poetry

Its been centuries since poetry ever existed and launched as the main entertainment for the crowds . Honestly , I didn’t much into poetry , yet still fond with one particular blog that I’m following now .

His poem are both satire and sarcasms to me , but it instill some truth behind it .

One of the poem that had been my favourite .

Last and least it had been

Pain and sorrow indeed

Being pushed aside

Being pulled behind

Deep down it remained

To heart darkest disgrace


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Epic Stickmen of FlashDeck

Well , stickman is a very simple and traditional kind of cartoon that kids always draw .

If you like stickman , you gonna love it more in Flashdeck’s animation series , mainly about a first-person shooter game , Counterstrike (CS) .

Check it out !

map: de dust
map:de aztec

Myself also a CS fan Smile with tongue out

DE means you must planted the bomb in either of two given spot (if you are the Terrorist)

CS means you need to kill all of the enemy or save the hostages (if you are the Counter-Terrorist )

Looking for a try test in CS?

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Welcome New Stream–Dubstep

Howdy ! Maybe ‘Dubstep’ some people might considered as ‘cool’ , ‘best music ever’ or ‘a new beat’ in the world . While some also regards it as ‘no talent’, ‘uncool’ and so on – I think the music is quite good . Sometimes we DO need some new and fresh art , right?

Then how about some examples ? Tell me what you think about them !

A violin dubstep
A dubstep dance
A dubstep BeatBoxer
A Dubstep Remix
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