Boxer’s Fracture



Alike with its name , the fracture is common for someone that punched on a hard surface such as walls, stones and woods. But there are certain angle of degrees that would risk in such fracture . The degree must be less than 90 , in example 30 –45 degree .

I had suffered from those fracture recently , while I was on National Service Program in my country . That’s my bad , for hitting the wall . I broke my pinky , and since I’m right-handed , taking care of my daily chores with left-handed is quite tricky. At first , the doctors prescribed me to undergo K-wiring surgery, but the other doctor said my fracture is not critical enough and giving me doubts . I don’t want to undergo any surgery , not after one of the doctor said of the drawbacks of having K-Wiring surgery.

So , I cancelled the surgery and the doctor only had my right hand on plastic cement. But after a while , I can still felt the tiny bones bumping with each other. Sometimes I felt pain too .

So , K-wire surgery is the last thing I’ve done . Took some time for recovery , but it improved my ability as a ‘temporary’ left-handed . The pin stuck in the bone , keeping the fracture to recover and regenerate a new bone cells . Right after 4 weeks ,the doctor took out my pin – no pain at all .

Moral value: Never take on violence . It doesn’t solve anything Smile


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