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Travelling to Sabah : Underwater Heaven


If you were still remember , I already posted the Sabah’s basic info and the things that you can do in the beautiful land. Now , let me take you to a journey to one of the underwater paradise in the world .

I’ve stayed for almost 3 years in one of the places , and let me tell this : the water is a real deal . Glittery and blue sea, just alike what I used to imagined in my childhood.

In that 3 years , I got pretty much a handful of information regarding on that beautiful place . Only pictures can describe how awesome the sea are . (Info: In Malaysia , there isn’t much of places that really had clear , blue sea – honestly)

When I saw this , it reminded me of the Jack in the Beanstalk tale , and this is the Giant falls asleep in the island. Smile with tongue out

Its Bohey Dulang actually .

Located near to one of the popular hotels there , this is Kapalai Resort . As you walked on the walkway , you can notice some tiny fishes and also souvenirs that you can buy.

Such a calming and beautiful scenery . I felt blue when I saw this photo .

That is a passenger’s boat  . It is the one and only transportations for the locals (especially from the islands) go to the town .

You won’t see this in another tourist location in Malaysia . The settlement of Sea Bajau (it’s a common race in there)

The bottles are DEFINITELY not rubbish . The Sea Bajau used it to mark the sea weed was farm . Quite astounding and dramatic picture , isn’t ?

Want to see more of this underwater heaven ?

Or there’s something about Sabah that is bothering your mind ? Feel free to ask me on the comments !

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Between Symbian , Apple and Android

Between you and me , I preferred more on Symbian rather than those two .

Most of people just go on and buy the latest phone brand without consulting or asking advice from someone that wise enough when it comes to buying phones . I’m not saying that I’m a wise person regarding to this common problems , but this is what reality holds on .

What makes it differ from each other is the platform and how may it helped us during our life routine . Some have their own liability , since mobile phone had been a very good friend to mankind in these days .

Symbian , is for a user that like simplicity , old fashioned of a kind person . Even the first platform ever created in the history of mobile phone is Java . Symbian is like a best friend of Java . Symbian also is a best trademark for Nokia . The users of Nokia all around the world already began to compare the Nokia with other brand . Why Nokia doesn’t do alike with Samsung , HTC and others . The best answer that fit perfectly is , Nokia wanted to keep the identity . Symbian OS .

Whatever that Android and Apple can do , all comes out in the line of Java invention. Softwares , apps and widget , all need Java to run . Since Symbian is the platform that gone really old (the Nokia line always keep the platform same in each productions) , it is more stabile , more popular and more simpler than other platform . More stabile also conclude that the developer might add more on the Symbian .

Apple , a creation of one of the kind, Steve Jobs . Big man , good heart , excellent mind . His creations seldom sulk people , yet the boundary is still under the bridge of entrepreneurship and business . Jailbreaker softwares , is another solution to pimp out the phone , other than buying the apps itself . I had this I-pod , which I used only to play games and surfing web. But I couldn’t get it jail broken nor updated it to a higher level . Anyway , I gave the I-Pod to my dear mother and its gone now . I don’t know how it went missing , but surely , it was definitely not my fault .

After a few ‘test-drive’, I’m ready to surf out the Store. Quite extraordinary though , for there over hundreds apps that can be downloaded free of charge or just a pinch of 0.99 cents per apps . I’m no frugal , I’ve spent almost of my money just for a big Double Cheeseburger at McDonald and a few bucks for movie ticket . But , in order for me to have any Visa or credit card , is just nonsense (at least to my family ) .  So , where I’m going to do if I wanted the apps so BADLY but you can’t find the way ? Jailbreak it . Simple name yet complicated process . Next , go to the download site and install it manually . No big deal , right . Nevertheless , jailbreak it may void the warranty . Think carefully .

Android , a Linux-driven platform that really ticked many of us these days . Samsung was like a pioneer to the Android scheme, but I thought that HTC’s Android is the first Android that ever created . Samsung Galaxy was just a few in retaliation against its competitor , Nokia for leading corporation nowadays . Tablets and smartphones were no longer an exclusive agent ; it’s like a new accessories to be wear . I got nothing to say as for Android though, because the bottom line is , the platform is just the same . Still based with the mobile gadget , based on Java structural and economical plan plus strategy as well .

By the way , Samsung really rocks on the live wallpaper . Amazing innovation. Symbian had none of those , no matter how hard I been searching for apps that can either simulated the Android feeling or only support live wallpaper. Nonetheless , the 3 major platform is quite helpful to mankind , even though the functions are almost the same .

Sorry if I may look ignorant , irresponsible or whatsoever . I’m just justifying the fact that people must know . Hey , these things are true , but pardon me , I’m not that expert on this thing . I had used over 20 phones in the past 18 years of my life , so I’m stating what I’ve seen at the phones so far . Open-mouthed smile cheers .

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