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Hey there .

For those who already followed my blog/bookmarked my blog , I want to announce that I’ll be transferring from WordPress to Blogger platform , since I didn’t have enough knowledge and understanding HTML and all of that stuff, even though one of my interest is techs stuff .  Let me put this much simpler way – I didn’t know much of WordPress and its ability . 

But I’ll make sure that you can follow me at Twitter and Google + 

From Monday onward , there’ll be some major changes , including installment of new section each day (Mon-Sun) . So, have a nice weekend and don’t forget to FOLLOW me 😀 


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Stumble Upon a Cameo

When I was ‘rummaging’ the blogs of my followers , I stumbled upon Sharmishta Basu’s profile . She is one of my followers that liked one of my Wordless Wednesday and my upcoming project. A like really means a lot , both to the traffic and to the writer’s motivation too . 

She also has this post that really turned me back to where I first started my blog . I was going to ask my friends around on creating a blog for myself . They only said , “I don’t know” or “Just do it if you like “. So , I sincerely thinks that her intention was great , as she got the talents and her passion. To me , that’s all matter when it comes to turning the passion into something precious ; money , fame and the satisfaction of doing things that you really love . 

If you think otherwise , she’ll be happy to accept your comments , as long that you are honest . Plus , if you had some money and willing to buy her masterpiece , feel free to contact her. 

As for the silent readers out there (I know you there) , I had a few wonderful ideas to share with you , since I’m myself used to be a silent reader as well . 

I wrote this post on the intention of helping another soul achieving her dream – to become a successful writer . Mine is the same too , but I prefer to help others achieve their own dreams . Follow my blog , who might know , one of your posts might be my next ‘topic of the day’ . 

“You don’t need to know people in order to give them the moral support that they may need” . 

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Start Of Something New

As you can see , I already changed the theme , from San Kloud to Adventure Journal theme . My tagline also changed , from the keywords to this 6 words only .

This is due to my next installed segment on my blog . Every Wednesday onward , I’ll post an entry entitled “Wordless Wednesday” .

Wordless Wednesday referred as a day where the post didn’t contain any words (except for title ) and only a few pictures . Try guess the theme if you are smarter than a fifth grader 😛

Anyway, I tried to upload my designated template for my blog , but I can’t find the wp-content thing . 😦

The WordPress help didn’t much of a help , so I’m hoping someone could ?

Thanks in advance !

Also, every Monday, I’ll start a poll in one of my posts and the closing date of each poll every week is on Monday next week .

If you interested in customizing your templates , click here 

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Passionate In Online Writing?

This is a first thing that determined whether you are willing to be a blogger or just an ‘online’ writer.

What is a difference between this position?

Blogger: Its your responsibility to create a blog that match your interest and must have a powerful mind , hardworking, a great commitment ,maybe some expertise in designing will help , plus some time to take care for your own blog. Keep it fresh, not just the content , also the designs as well, and be caution about the post that you may write – you’ll end up in jail or being hated by all just because what you have typed !

Writer: You only write what you want to write and it is your duty to keep up to date . Almost the same as blogger, but this position required a little amount of spare time . Why? Because if you open up a blog , your blog maybe too old for some. Some maybe prefers a blog that inspired them , aside the design that looks quite ‘antique’ . Let face it, designs do matter.  Plus , writer only WRITE , not DESIGN.

What if I want to do both ?

Well, seems like you have much spare time to fill with ! No biggie – create a blog AND sign up for sites like (I already used it ) or list of writing online site (Google Chrome) . Also for writers, instead just sharing your thoughts alone, being paid in what you write definitely will boost your confidence and putting yourselves for the fame, name, glory in global cyber world.

Anyhow, this is only my opinion . I have spent months , trying to figure out and felt the experience in both section. A good start for those young writers and great story tellers to expand their experience and sharpen their creative thinking and writing skills .

Happy Reading and Good Luck !

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A New Blogging Experience- Without Browser!

Since this is my first time dealing with blog hosted site , I began to wonder , if there’s a software that can get me posting a new entry, without opening any browser .

  Windows Live Writer, that’s the answer. I started using it now and will keep using it for a week or two to get used to it . Maybe I’ll post some reviews for it Smile .

Anyway, if you are hoping for some easy blogging, definitely this software will do the job.

So far, I’m quite satisfied by the features . It supports WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and so on . Easy interface too – no lagging ones. Also support more than one blog as well !

Just download it from the Microsoft official webpage :

Happy Reading!

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