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Wordless Wednesday


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I’m A Cat-Person and Proud !

There. I said that .

I loved cats so much , that my notebook wallpaper are the pictures of various breed of cats . Not to mention , I had a short documentary of cats in my second blog (download here) and I also just finished making another short documentary about them (I compiled my Cats 101 vids into a freakishly awesome video that explained the breeds of the cats worldwide – like/comment/follow to receive it for free ! )

I’m not much of a dog-lover , but i t depends on the situation though. If the dog is being good , I love them and vice versa . Anyway , my topic for today is my another follower site , “ Long Life Cats and Dogs “ . Since I’m also one hell of insanely love cats, I thought it would be insulting myself for not talking about them and this site , especially !

Yes, I do think that these poor animals deserve another second life to be showered with happiness . Her introduction page stated likewise too , so she build a platform that represent them .

My tears falls down when I saw these pictures :

while there were so many fat and spoiled cats in a rich woman’s house.

while other home cats being treated in vets and given injections once a month .

while other cats in home , pampered and showered greatly by human’s love.

I ought to say that we can make a difference . I stand firmly and really meant what I will say after this – HUMANS ARE WEAKER THAN THEM . We see them everyday , yet we were too stubborn to touch nor to save them ;“With great power, comes great responsibility”. The last picture that I’ve taken on the Web showed how cruel human can be . The cat had been glued to the street and let them being hit by the cars. How we can save them ?

1.Donating to the shelter that provide them enough food , accommodation and save them from the horror that other cruel people.

2.Adopt them – no need to buy fancy breed of cat like Persians , domestic cat can be your animal friend too .

3. Feed them – if you happened to have any extra dollars , buy a little cat food for the strays . I know , they can eat rubbish things ; but sometimes, you just need to be kind to the animals as well .

Those 3 things can save them all . Imagine if all the people get together and find more ways to help them ?

Support them , and believe me , they will pray for us to the God and God will made the prayers come true – remember, animals never been a sinner . (you can consider them as the innocent, I think ..)

Therefore, please support by either donating or following the site so that the awareness can be spread globally .



I ‘m not asking you . I’m pleading you . They need us . So are we.

Share this post , so that everyone can see how much the animals need help from us .

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Editing Photos Never Been Any Fun (nier?)

Photos – a unique way to express the true feelings without any words . Familiar faces with a smile brighten your day in work . But , what if you wanted to do MORE ? Make it a bit funny , or add some ‘spices’ to create some wonderful photos that will make you smile like Cheshire the cat in Alice In the Wonderland tale . will extend your smile and surely will rock your experience . No need to download the software , because this site offered cloud based photo editor . Free of course, I won’t recommended the ones that cost you a penny.  No account needed , just upload the picture that you want to edit or add some effects – and HOORAY ! You’ll get picture like this :

(none of this pictures are mine – taken from Google Image results)

If you think that’s crazy , try it yourselves and have fun with it ! Due to extensive satisfaction from user’s worldwide , now their apps already hit the major platforms . Now you can enjoy editing photos on your mobile Winking smile

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How Teddy Bear Exist

If you asked people nowadays , they’ll say it is a stuffed bear animal that is cute , small, light – making a greatest company for kids. They also one of the cutest gifts that suitable in any occasion (of course not in the  funeral). But what people don’t know , is what’s behind the creation of the fluffy bear toy .

It started when the former U.S president , Theodore Roosevelt (whose nicknamed “Teddy”) went for an bear hunting invitation from Mississippi Governor, Andrew H. Longino . Most of the hunters already killed an animal, excluding Roosevelt himself . So , one of the Roosevelt’s attendant tied up an American Black Bear for Roosevelt to kill . 

Yet , Roosevelt refused to kill it and instead let them killed the bear. Therefore , it became a hit sensation , with the ‘help’ of Clifford Berryman . Initially , it had comically drew a tied black bear and a disgusted face of Roosevelt . Then , Berryman started drew it a bit smaller than the initial ones .

In coincidence , Morris Michtom , a famous toy maker to create a little stuffed bear . Roosevelt already given the permission to use his name to the new toy . Meanwhile in Germany , Richard Steiff was unaware of Michtom’s bear , already exhibited the stuffed bear in Leipzig Toy Fair .

A buyer from New York, Hermann Berg went to the fair and became interested with the stuffed bear . He ordered 3000 to be sent to America . No records of the bears ever landed on the soil of America , due to the story of the ship carrying the bears were shipwrecked .

The bear sensation already making their way into ‘stardom’ in malls . Its more popular among the kids . In early days, they were all made to look alike with bears , now almost every stuffed bear had larger eyes , babyish character which very attractive to the buyers out there .

Nonetheless , teddy bear is one hell of a SO CUTE doll !

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Life Of CardBoard People

A picture. Thousand of words.

This masterpiece is an amazing work from Anton Tang , a great blogger and photographer from Singapore .

With a great ideas , great lighting and suitable scenery , this miniature cardboard people really pull you down in their own story .

I find his cardboard people were very impressive , and touching too . Their face, looked very satirical , yet full of expressions and stories of their ‘life’ . Yes, maybe it just a board – try to look for deeper meaning inside . If you can , its good . At least you still have soft heart Smile . (I’m just fooling around, no offense – just my opinion)


Find more of his other artwork on his website .

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