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Start Of Something New

As you can see , I already changed the theme , from San Kloud to Adventure Journal theme . My tagline also changed , from the keywords to this 6 words only .

This is due to my next installed segment on my blog . Every Wednesday onward , I’ll post an entry entitled “Wordless Wednesday” .

Wordless Wednesday referred as a day where the post didn’t contain any words (except for title ) and only a few pictures . Try guess the theme if you are smarter than a fifth grader 😛

Anyway, I tried to upload my designated template for my blog , but I can’t find the wp-content thing . 😦

The WordPress help didn’t much of a help , so I’m hoping someone could ?

Thanks in advance !

Also, every Monday, I’ll start a poll in one of my posts and the closing date of each poll every week is on Monday next week .

If you interested in customizing your templates , click here 

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