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How to Generate Money Online

As said , money make the world go around . Well , in economic view , it really does . There’s some ways that people can make a easy cash flow , as long as you are hardworking and very systematic . But the foremost thing to do is make sure it wasn’t a SCAM .

1. Blogging

There’s billions of sites in the world that using their own blog as a cash machine that generate them a few hundred dollar each month ( I’ll get back to this topic and discuss it a bit further) . Since weblog is no longer a super-hard thing to do , thanks to Blogger , and other blog publishing site , this is one of the thing that can generate you some extra money .

2. Uploading files

While uploading to other people may be one convenient thing to do when its time for you to ‘rummage’ the unneeded files in your system , this could be 2 in 1 goodness . This site have some interesting list that you can try on , so have fun uploading to reduce the disk capacity and add up some penny in those bank account !

3. Answering surveys

Forms and questions is another way of adding your income , as well spare your off time . Surveys are the popular and easiest thing to do , but be diligent with it , as it may get to bore you sometimes (personal experience) .

4. Game tester

This is totally out of the box for someone that really disliked playing games , but a heaven for gamers . You’ll be paid to be a game tester and report to the developers if there’s problem with it .

5. Writing

Blogging and writing ; DIFFERENT . This concept sound the same for those who dislike these online job . Nevertheless, writing such as articles , stories and so on is a highly demanded . Why ? Magazines , newspapers , blogs – all of these need a great articles that can be put on their page . Who might know , maybe you can become a great and legendary writer Open-mouthed smile

6. Be a virtual assistant

Hey , no kidding here . Virtual assistant to the managers , high-ranked positions in the companies – who could ever thought that ! But yes , even with the big bucks they get every month , they still need an assistant .

7. Play online casino

Expert on playing poker? Blackjack ? Well , this place perfectly for you . Win some and get the reward ! But, this players are around the world that you against . So , take this advice very,very carefully : Never underestimated your opponent (personal experience too)

8. Organizing the forms

For office workers that felt like Microsoft Excel is their very best software that they really expert on, take this job . Many paid a lot for completing the letters into spreadsheet , or anything .

9. Paid to do the task given . is just a few from the service site that pay people to do the task given by the employers . Signing up to Facebook , like them on Facebook , etc. . Pretty easy right ?

So that’s only few that I could think of . Good luck generating your piggy bank some dollars !

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Between Symbian , Apple and Android

Between you and me , I preferred more on Symbian rather than those two .

Most of people just go on and buy the latest phone brand without consulting or asking advice from someone that wise enough when it comes to buying phones . I’m not saying that I’m a wise person regarding to this common problems , but this is what reality holds on .

What makes it differ from each other is the platform and how may it helped us during our life routine . Some have their own liability , since mobile phone had been a very good friend to mankind in these days .

Symbian , is for a user that like simplicity , old fashioned of a kind person . Even the first platform ever created in the history of mobile phone is Java . Symbian is like a best friend of Java . Symbian also is a best trademark for Nokia . The users of Nokia all around the world already began to compare the Nokia with other brand . Why Nokia doesn’t do alike with Samsung , HTC and others . The best answer that fit perfectly is , Nokia wanted to keep the identity . Symbian OS .

Whatever that Android and Apple can do , all comes out in the line of Java invention. Softwares , apps and widget , all need Java to run . Since Symbian is the platform that gone really old (the Nokia line always keep the platform same in each productions) , it is more stabile , more popular and more simpler than other platform . More stabile also conclude that the developer might add more on the Symbian .

Apple , a creation of one of the kind, Steve Jobs . Big man , good heart , excellent mind . His creations seldom sulk people , yet the boundary is still under the bridge of entrepreneurship and business . Jailbreaker softwares , is another solution to pimp out the phone , other than buying the apps itself . I had this I-pod , which I used only to play games and surfing web. But I couldn’t get it jail broken nor updated it to a higher level . Anyway , I gave the I-Pod to my dear mother and its gone now . I don’t know how it went missing , but surely , it was definitely not my fault .

After a few ‘test-drive’, I’m ready to surf out the Store. Quite extraordinary though , for there over hundreds apps that can be downloaded free of charge or just a pinch of 0.99 cents per apps . I’m no frugal , I’ve spent almost of my money just for a big Double Cheeseburger at McDonald and a few bucks for movie ticket . But , in order for me to have any Visa or credit card , is just nonsense (at least to my family ) .  So , where I’m going to do if I wanted the apps so BADLY but you can’t find the way ? Jailbreak it . Simple name yet complicated process . Next , go to the download site and install it manually . No big deal , right . Nevertheless , jailbreak it may void the warranty . Think carefully .

Android , a Linux-driven platform that really ticked many of us these days . Samsung was like a pioneer to the Android scheme, but I thought that HTC’s Android is the first Android that ever created . Samsung Galaxy was just a few in retaliation against its competitor , Nokia for leading corporation nowadays . Tablets and smartphones were no longer an exclusive agent ; it’s like a new accessories to be wear . I got nothing to say as for Android though, because the bottom line is , the platform is just the same . Still based with the mobile gadget , based on Java structural and economical plan plus strategy as well .

By the way , Samsung really rocks on the live wallpaper . Amazing innovation. Symbian had none of those , no matter how hard I been searching for apps that can either simulated the Android feeling or only support live wallpaper. Nonetheless , the 3 major platform is quite helpful to mankind , even though the functions are almost the same .

Sorry if I may look ignorant , irresponsible or whatsoever . I’m just justifying the fact that people must know . Hey , these things are true , but pardon me , I’m not that expert on this thing . I had used over 20 phones in the past 18 years of my life , so I’m stating what I’ve seen at the phones so far . Open-mouthed smile cheers .

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