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How Teddy Bear Exist

If you asked people nowadays , they’ll say it is a stuffed bear animal that is cute , small, light – making a greatest company for kids. They also one of the cutest gifts that suitable in any occasion (of course not in the  funeral). But what people don’t know , is what’s behind the creation of the fluffy bear toy .

It started when the former U.S president , Theodore Roosevelt (whose nicknamed “Teddy”) went for an bear hunting invitation from Mississippi Governor, Andrew H. Longino . Most of the hunters already killed an animal, excluding Roosevelt himself . So , one of the Roosevelt’s attendant tied up an American Black Bear for Roosevelt to kill . 

Yet , Roosevelt refused to kill it and instead let them killed the bear. Therefore , it became a hit sensation , with the ‘help’ of Clifford Berryman . Initially , it had comically drew a tied black bear and a disgusted face of Roosevelt . Then , Berryman started drew it a bit smaller than the initial ones .

In coincidence , Morris Michtom , a famous toy maker to create a little stuffed bear . Roosevelt already given the permission to use his name to the new toy . Meanwhile in Germany , Richard Steiff was unaware of Michtom’s bear , already exhibited the stuffed bear in Leipzig Toy Fair .

A buyer from New York, Hermann Berg went to the fair and became interested with the stuffed bear . He ordered 3000 to be sent to America . No records of the bears ever landed on the soil of America , due to the story of the ship carrying the bears were shipwrecked .

The bear sensation already making their way into ‘stardom’ in malls . Its more popular among the kids . In early days, they were all made to look alike with bears , now almost every stuffed bear had larger eyes , babyish character which very attractive to the buyers out there .

Nonetheless , teddy bear is one hell of a SO CUTE doll !

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Passionate In Online Writing?

This is a first thing that determined whether you are willing to be a blogger or just an ‘online’ writer.

What is a difference between this position?

Blogger: Its your responsibility to create a blog that match your interest and must have a powerful mind , hardworking, a great commitment ,maybe some expertise in designing will help , plus some time to take care for your own blog. Keep it fresh, not just the content , also the designs as well, and be caution about the post that you may write – you’ll end up in jail or being hated by all just because what you have typed !

Writer: You only write what you want to write and it is your duty to keep up to date . Almost the same as blogger, but this position required a little amount of spare time . Why? Because if you open up a blog , your blog maybe too old for some. Some maybe prefers a blog that inspired them , aside the design that looks quite ‘antique’ . Let face it, designs do matter.  Plus , writer only WRITE , not DESIGN.

What if I want to do both ?

Well, seems like you have much spare time to fill with ! No biggie – create a blog AND sign up for sites like (I already used it ) or list of writing online site (Google Chrome) . Also for writers, instead just sharing your thoughts alone, being paid in what you write definitely will boost your confidence and putting yourselves for the fame, name, glory in global cyber world.

Anyhow, this is only my opinion . I have spent months , trying to figure out and felt the experience in both section. A good start for those young writers and great story tellers to expand their experience and sharpen their creative thinking and writing skills .

Happy Reading and Good Luck !

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