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Nature VS Human


I’m a Geography student , nor I’m not so bright in the subject or so messed up at the subject . What I do know , I will support more on nature side than human side .

You see , in my syllabus , Geography can be divided in two sections – Physical Nature Geography and Human Geography . But I’m more interested in learning about nature than human . So , that’s the intro to where I’m heading in this topic .

Why I chose that ? Because who will stand for them , if not human themselves. I’m not a ‘tree hugger’ , but after I saw the Frankenstorm that swept NY in havoc , I began to wonder myself , will the nature last forever ?

I’m not talking about the future , everyone knows that . I’m talking about present state . In just a matter of time , earthquakes , volcanic eruptions , big flood and all sort of apocalypse that the film 2012 had visualized . Prevention is better than cure . If people already awaken by that quote , this world is a better place .

Don’t make the world a better ‘hell’ . Make it a better ‘heaven’ , not only for the future generation , but for your sake as well . You’ll spending a long time here , so live well in world , let us pass with no regret  Open-mouthed smile 

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Zombie Apocalypse–Guidelines of Survival


As much as I loved zombie movies , I tend to picture myself on the actor/actress spot. I ‘m also a big fan of zombie games , most popular is Left 4 Dead . Here’s how I imagined things :-


   An empty town (or at least street)

Sufficient guns (does it sounds too cheesy?)

A whole lot of foods (I bet this could hold up to a year food)

Zombies (obvious make up. LOL)

I will be a great zombie slayer if these all were true in the zombie apocalypse . Nonetheless, there’s no such thing as zombies in real life , although there were some rumors that it may had been a few that claimed there’s such creature in their area .

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Let’s Travel To : Mount Kinabalu !

Mount Kinabalu located in Kundasang , Sabah, Malaysia . Sabah is one of the Borneo country that offered tons of excitement and a place for release bad aura and regain your motivations and spirit after long hours of working and studying .

Just for a clearer view on Mount Kinabalu


Things that you CAN do in Kundasang :-

1. Buy some strawberries

2. Climb up the mount !

3. Visit Poring Hotspring – it has waterfall , Bat’s Cave , Butterfly Park and Canopy Walk , some picnic spots and chalet also (limited only)

4. Visit The War Memorial – it’s a memorial for the Allied troops that been forced to walk from Kundasang to Sandakan town . A great place to learn and appreciate the history .

5. Visit The National Park – located nearest to the Mount Kinabalu .

6.  ‘Donating’ the fishes some of your dead skin cells – hey , no worries , they are not PIRANHA

7.  Have a walk in the marketplace – there’s fresh veggies , fruits and flowers to be sold .

8. Take a bite of the ‘green chips’ – it can be bought from the market as well

9. Have a thousand of snapshots of the Great Mount Kinabalu

10. Chill out in the tea farm – I’m not sure whether they let visitors to see the farm , nevertheless , the taste is surely good . Try look for Sabahan tea in the area or the town of Ranau .

11. Stay in chalet and sniff out some fresh air during your stay in Kundasang

This were only a FEW that you can do when you are staying there or having a mood of ‘travelling alone’ day . 

I’ll describe in the later post regarding on the best accommodations during your stay .


Cheers from Sabah !

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A Few Ideas For Silent Readers Out There…

First of all , what I’m saying here is not about the mute , deaf and mimes out there . What I meant is the readers that READ the particular posts or site , but leave nothing for a trail .

Bloggers may think that , nobody is going to read your blog anyway – you are truly getting the wrong side of the truth . There’s somebody out there, read your essays, thoughts and whatever you might shared in the site (as long as you didn’t set preferences as ‘private’/as long as you keep promoting your site as well) .

That category of people called ‘silent reader’ , where nothing had been left . No comments, likes, subscriptions,  follow and sign up for your site . But they know that they’ve been there . They also enjoyed your site , remembered your site name and will looking for another latest posts .

Why they did this ? Maybe …

a . They have nothing to say .

b. They might have something to comment, but couldn’t find the best words for it . So they backed away and keep waiting for some fresh posts from you

c. They probably didn’t have a keyboard/fingers ? (optimistic kind of view)

d. They were very lazy to type anything .

e. They didn’t like your post and forgot everything what you say (truth does hurt , right?)

So ,for silent readers –

if that’s the case , why not you :-

1. Just comment/say what you what to say, and use ‘anonymous’ if you hate being bashed or want to keep your identity as a secret .

2.How about writing this abbreviation – ILYP (I Like/Love Your Post) , IWH (I Was Here) , IRTP (I Read This Patch/Post) and others that you can think of – just make sure it is appropriate .

3.Link/Bookmark your favourite site

4. Support them by giving some ‘clicks’ in their ads (if it was present in the site) , or you can donate them a few bucks . Most of the blog-hosting domain requires a great number of cash , not to mention the maintenance (if the admin are hiring a web-designer or temporary ‘admin’ in charge)

Easy , simple ways to give your encouragement indirectly to the bloggers themselves. This absolutely will help them more support too . Everyone need to have supporters and being supportive to others  Smile

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