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Let’s Travel To : Mount Kinabalu !

Mount Kinabalu located in Kundasang , Sabah, Malaysia . Sabah is one of the Borneo country that offered tons of excitement and a place for release bad aura and regain your motivations and spirit after long hours of working and studying .

Just for a clearer view on Mount Kinabalu


Things that you CAN do in Kundasang :-

1. Buy some strawberries

2. Climb up the mount !

3. Visit Poring Hotspring – it has waterfall , Bat’s Cave , Butterfly Park and Canopy Walk , some picnic spots and chalet also (limited only)

4. Visit The War Memorial – it’s a memorial for the Allied troops that been forced to walk from Kundasang to Sandakan town . A great place to learn and appreciate the history .

5. Visit The National Park – located nearest to the Mount Kinabalu .

6.  ‘Donating’ the fishes some of your dead skin cells – hey , no worries , they are not PIRANHA

7.  Have a walk in the marketplace – there’s fresh veggies , fruits and flowers to be sold .

8. Take a bite of the ‘green chips’ – it can be bought from the market as well

9. Have a thousand of snapshots of the Great Mount Kinabalu

10. Chill out in the tea farm – I’m not sure whether they let visitors to see the farm , nevertheless , the taste is surely good . Try look for Sabahan tea in the area or the town of Ranau .

11. Stay in chalet and sniff out some fresh air during your stay in Kundasang

This were only a FEW that you can do when you are staying there or having a mood of ‘travelling alone’ day . 

I’ll describe in the later post regarding on the best accommodations during your stay .


Cheers from Sabah !

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