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Wordless Wednesday


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Nature VS Human


I’m a Geography student , nor I’m not so bright in the subject or so messed up at the subject . What I do know , I will support more on nature side than human side .

You see , in my syllabus , Geography can be divided in two sections – Physical Nature Geography and Human Geography . But I’m more interested in learning about nature than human . So , that’s the intro to where I’m heading in this topic .

Why I chose that ? Because who will stand for them , if not human themselves. I’m not a ‘tree hugger’ , but after I saw the Frankenstorm that swept NY in havoc , I began to wonder myself , will the nature last forever ?

I’m not talking about the future , everyone knows that . I’m talking about present state . In just a matter of time , earthquakes , volcanic eruptions , big flood and all sort of apocalypse that the film 2012 had visualized . Prevention is better than cure . If people already awaken by that quote , this world is a better place .

Don’t make the world a better ‘hell’ . Make it a better ‘heaven’ , not only for the future generation , but for your sake as well . You’ll spending a long time here , so live well in world , let us pass with no regret  Open-mouthed smile 

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Confession of Humanity – Poem

Silly, silly me

For hoping none that real

For thinking something that never can be

This is not a love story from you and me

It’s about humanity that decreased


Trees fall apart in a midst of the green

Fishes float above the sea

Birds flew downwards ,with no sound nor flaps to glide

Blue sky went cloudy gray haze

Is this my world ?


What if tomorrow never come?

What if no one there to care anymore?

Could we be like the Moon , shone brightly in the sky

but cheated by the beauty when we reached the surface

Could we be like Mars, the red planet

dusty and daring red

no water , no air

and no blue sky up above


Wait and see

Sit back and relax

Enjoy the moment

While everything goes missing

Each and every day


Till Earth never exist

No one will ever know

How Earth used to be


No need waiting for apocalypse

It’s already started

by: KafzielTheRookie

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