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What type of community am I talking about ? I’m talking about a new sharing experience , a social network that emphasizing not more than sharing your thoughts, ideas and even random stuff to the world .


Very user friendly , easy interface and a great community , sounds like an excellent site . Suitable for the kind of people that want to share in words about the views, opinions and everything . Honestly , I haven’t found any kind that alike with this site .

See what I meant? Simplicity . You can categorize what will you write and surely you can change the visibility of the post . The second box is for labeling , 10 label max . On the third one , there’s a big space that you can fill with anything . Attach some links, vids and photos is another features that very convenient for sharing and expanding the written post to the next level . 

You can also add or follow other posts that had written from other people . Feel like commenting ? There’s no restriction to that . The foremost interesting part are there are also options where you can either add someone’s posts , suggest to friends and report it as well .

Interested ? Sign up now to experience a new online community !

You can also find me as well , make sure to follow me or add me too. Open-mouthed smile 

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Hurricane, RUN!


As U.S currently on verge with the Hurricane Sandy , I felt terrified by the damages it have caused – even though its only on Category 1 . Powers were out since the explosion of power plant in New York. Just 15 mins ago , I received flash news from New York Times about the effects of Sandy . I believe this was indeed a big challenge for the society and hopefully citizen of U.S will recover quickly , alike with Japan’s after earthquakes they had faced .


The authorities had taken precautions and some provinces already declared at the state of emergency . From what I’ve read , I was shocked when majority wants to stay even though there’s an evacuation . Indeed this took guts , facing a hurricane what in the past already destroyed banana plants and killed many in other countries on her path .


Once again , from deep of my heart , I prayed for your safety and I hope whoever read this post , will also pray for them and support them in this hard time . How knows , maybe your pray can save another unfortunate human in facing the hardship .


Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them.
Rabindranath Tagore

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