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Never-Ending Poetry

Its been centuries since poetry ever existed and launched as the main entertainment for the crowds . Honestly , I didn’t much into poetry , yet still fond with one particular blog that I’m following now .

His poem are both satire and sarcasms to me , but it instill some truth behind it .

One of the poem that had been my favourite .

Last and least it had been

Pain and sorrow indeed

Being pushed aside

Being pulled behind

Deep down it remained

To heart darkest disgrace


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Life Of CardBoard People

A picture. Thousand of words.

This masterpiece is an amazing work from Anton Tang , a great blogger and photographer from Singapore .

With a great ideas , great lighting and suitable scenery , this miniature cardboard people really pull you down in their own story .

I find his cardboard people were very impressive , and touching too . Their face, looked very satirical , yet full of expressions and stories of their ‘life’ . Yes, maybe it just a board – try to look for deeper meaning inside . If you can , its good . At least you still have soft heart Smile . (I’m just fooling around, no offense – just my opinion)


Find more of his other artwork on his website .

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