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My Battery Drained Fast,Help!

These are some of the problems that I usually encountered when I went to Nokia’s forum, looking for some troubleshoot regarding my Nokia 700 . This list can also be applied to any brand of phone that you may use , as I‘ve been using several different phone brand for years. When I applied this few solution , it works !

Here we go!

1. Download apps that can show you the percentage of the battery

Why: Because it’s easy for you to assume how long will your battery last for a day . For Nokia (since I’m more used to Nokia than any phone brand) , there’s a download for this particular apps, named Nokia Battery Monitor . I got it from Nokia Store .

For BlackBerry

For Iphone

For Android

2.. Reduce your brightness of the screen .

Why: The more brightness you may set your phone , more power will be drain in order to keep that brightness . So , reduce it to minimum level that your eyes still can see with ease . (if you need to squint , it’s no good too) 

3. Disable mobile data connection and Wi-Fi when not needed .

Why: Unless you have extra batteries , running this two particular connections will completely catalyst the drain . Maintaining this connections is not an easy job for phone , and it consume the battery life so that the connection remained ‘online’ instead you can disable it and use the energy to do other things with your phone , like texting, playing games and so on.

4. No screensaver please !

Why: Screensaver also drains the battery faster . Phones need to run this screensaver, making it consume more power , plus phones also need to run bunch of things in the background , like lighting, maintaining the signal strength , lock your screen and so on.

5. Turn off the Bluetooth when not in use  .

Why: Why you want to keep Bluetooth on when there’s no data transferring process anyway? It consume more battery life and keeps your phone on risk of getting unwanted files from another devices .

6.Get a little dark in colour of themes

Why: Its all about lighting . Get darker coloured themes will  improve your battery life because the phone need to dim  the colour in order to fix it with certain aspects in the configuration of the themes.

7. Static wallpaper is good .

why: Android often provide the user of the choice , between the live wallpaper and static wallpaper . If you want to save you battery life , just choose static one . Yes , live wallpaper is all fun and pretty while static one are dull and boring . You just have to choose .

8.  Close all the applications that not in used .

Why: You just making your phone life miserable . Having more than one application really consume the power already . Just like your life , won’t you be stressed enough dealing with more than one person at a time ?

9.  Charge when the battery reached the minimum level .

why : If you charge when it is still full , you only leading it to be overcharged , making not only reduce the battery life and may cost you another new battery . An overcharged battery often showed some signs . Physically, it may had some bump on the battery . The battery life is no more can handle some long hours to run the phone . That’s when you need the new replacement.

10. Always go for original ones .

Why: Original ones are the ones that qualify enough to be sold . It also have passed the test conducted by the manufacturer . Pirated ones are mostly low quality and may last for several years until it need some new replacement . Although maybe the price is your case , I bet the original can’t be too expensive . Just try to save money then !

11. Use a compatible charger

Why: Incompatible charger resulted more damage to your battery , perhaps your phone as well . There are also a type of charger where you need to remove the battery out from the phone. (I think its called external charger- don’t BUY it). It no good .

I think that’s should do it . Try it , tell me whether this tips is working for your phone or not Open-mouthed smile 

Happy Trying!

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Ready to Snip Some MP3 ?

Downloading your favourite song is very easy , when you know how to search for it . But what IF you don’t know WHERE to search for it ?

I have that solution for you – just as easy as ABC .

a. Open up a new tab / a new window , then search for .

b. Open up Youtube homepage and search for the songs that you wish to download .
 tips: It’s better if you chose the ones with lyrics only – it’s more louder than the ones with graphic/clips there .

c. Find the URL (on top of the video) , copy and paste it in a box given in SnipMp3

d.Click “Convert” (located in the rear of the box)

e.Click again “Download MP3” (wait for the site to fetching links and loaded the Java applets)
tips: If they ask you to run java , just do it . Plus , if you still waiting for them to either load Java or fetching links, just refresh the site or close and open up a new window for the site.

Having a hard time to understand?

Not mine–credits to NEL SON

Wait up ! Before you close this post , there’s another ‘sibling’ of SnipMp3 and it’s really good for downloading videos from YouTube !

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