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Looking for Guest Writer []


  Hello fellas ! After a few days I’m not visiting in my WordPress , it’s getting dusty here . But if you happened to have some spare time or got nothing to do, or want to publish your works in somewhere else instead of your own blog , well , here’s your chance . 


If you followed my Blogger progress , you can see that the slot of ‘Sundae Sunday’ is a place for other writers to shine and be part of my blog as well . Here’s last week’s ”Sundae Sunday” . 

So , for those who interested , please email me at along with your preferred pen name , email to contact you , and your article . 

What? Don’t know what kind of topic that you can write ? You can write about everything and anything (except involving religion , politics and other sensitive issues ) . 

Submit your article before Saturday , I’ll proofread and publish it by Sunday . 

Number of words? Hmmm.. I would say that’s up to you , but I’m afraid I’ll be getting like a 2 or 3 words with the URL of the writer’s blog . Unacceptable . Around 200 words sound good to me . 

No payment , sorry . Honestly , I didn’t have budget to hire writer , so this is a opportunity for new writers to take part and gain more experience in dealing with your client. Language – No foul language please , and only English allowed . Either British or American , still your choice to made . 

Every submission only valid for each week , which means your article will be published for only Sunday of that week . In short :  Guest Writer Of The Week 😀 

Thanks for your support and have a great day . 

My recent post in Blogger 

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Must-Have Softwares In PC


Right about now, people worldwide started invented softwares , some getting better and better while some also stopped the production . Anyway , I’ve been quite sometime thinking about must-have softwares that will generate an awesome experience with your PC .

So , I will categorized PC users with relevant softwares that I think definitely enhance your productivity .


Windows Live Writer – a very good software when you want to save extra time while on the go . With excellent user preference and freeware , this is completely great for bloggers or writers . –Freeware and easily use , this multitask program created by the builders of Microsoft is very good option for those who wished to have another alternative other than Microsoft’s software.

CutePDF Writer– Well known software , with the capabilities to convert documents format to PDF style , this software is freeware and can be use to converting documents to e-books .

2.Social Freak

Facebook Messenger – while Facebook being a top ranked social networking worldwide , chatting and updating status is never been this easy . With this official software created for Facebookers out there , this is a new beginning of a great experience in social networking .

Ftalk – another Facebook Messenger’s official competitor , this is one of the best and faster software than the official itself .

Gtalk – No one ever messing with the simplest IM by Google . Quick, light and really plain ; adding the great value that it may brought to human communication .

Yahoo Messenger– Formerly known as the biggest communication software ever , it supports everything that Gtalk do : IM, sending text message ,  video chat, emailing ; all in one . Name it, you got it .

Skype – Absolute astounding performance it had brought , creating a bridge of life to the other side of the world via phone calls , chatting and of course , video chat .

3. Maintainer

CCleaner– a real deal software that helped you to clean the crap that you didn’t see , especially under the system . Run the cleaner and your system will be squeaky clean .

TuneUp360– Giving the ultimate solution to the computer system , making it more faster, lighter and a real sophisticated software too . Remember , it required premium keys to solve the scanned result .

Aerofoil – save much more battery time with this software , as it run smoothly while changing the system by enable or disable the Aero Glass automatically . Works for people who didn’t care to manually turn it on and off .

Launchy– Though this might not be a maintenance program , but this also saves time when you wanted to search for the application without a big pile of opened windows .

WinRAR– processing RAR file format never been this easy .

4. Music Banger

Scilor’s Open Source Grooveshark Downloader – as much as the name goes , Grooveshark is a great site which personally I will recommend for those people who want a music platform that you can be a part of it , such as upload music, create a playlist and follow your favourite band too .

Spotify – Spot down your favourite music and let’s jolly with it !

Youtube Downloader– The title really said it all . (although you also can choose another convenient way)

Youtube Converter To MP3 – Or , you can do it in another way .

5. Video-Player 

VLC Player – offering a simple interface , and provide quite loud volume to it : 200% . Options also available for subtitles too.

MPC Player – another video player that ranks up the heart of many . Support wide range of video format globally and freeware, of course.

RealPlayer– A definite solution for all TV’s , movies streaming and providing a big element of playing great videos .


That’s all for today’s list . This software , only a few remained for me to try out , while most of it , already in my PC . So far , this is I would definitely recommended for my buddies out there . Feel free to recommend me some too Open-mouthed smile .

Don’t forget to tap a small button “Follow” in your left to keep up to date with technologic ideas of me! Smile







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Passionate In Online Writing?

This is a first thing that determined whether you are willing to be a blogger or just an ‘online’ writer.

What is a difference between this position?

Blogger: Its your responsibility to create a blog that match your interest and must have a powerful mind , hardworking, a great commitment ,maybe some expertise in designing will help , plus some time to take care for your own blog. Keep it fresh, not just the content , also the designs as well, and be caution about the post that you may write – you’ll end up in jail or being hated by all just because what you have typed !

Writer: You only write what you want to write and it is your duty to keep up to date . Almost the same as blogger, but this position required a little amount of spare time . Why? Because if you open up a blog , your blog maybe too old for some. Some maybe prefers a blog that inspired them , aside the design that looks quite ‘antique’ . Let face it, designs do matter.  Plus , writer only WRITE , not DESIGN.

What if I want to do both ?

Well, seems like you have much spare time to fill with ! No biggie – create a blog AND sign up for sites like (I already used it ) or list of writing online site (Google Chrome) . Also for writers, instead just sharing your thoughts alone, being paid in what you write definitely will boost your confidence and putting yourselves for the fame, name, glory in global cyber world.

Anyhow, this is only my opinion . I have spent months , trying to figure out and felt the experience in both section. A good start for those young writers and great story tellers to expand their experience and sharpen their creative thinking and writing skills .

Happy Reading and Good Luck !

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A New Blogging Experience- Without Browser!

Since this is my first time dealing with blog hosted site , I began to wonder , if there’s a software that can get me posting a new entry, without opening any browser .

  Windows Live Writer, that’s the answer. I started using it now and will keep using it for a week or two to get used to it . Maybe I’ll post some reviews for it Smile .

Anyway, if you are hoping for some easy blogging, definitely this software will do the job.

So far, I’m quite satisfied by the features . It supports WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and so on . Easy interface too – no lagging ones. Also support more than one blog as well !

Just download it from the Microsoft official webpage :

Happy Reading!

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